We are so glad you are here! You have taken the next step toward achieving your financial goals. This workshop was just the beginning. Now the real change begins!

Get On Track With Your Money

Your Money Success Snapshot

By plugging in your assets and debts into the Money Success Snapshot, you will get a good indication of whether or not you're winning with money. Don’t worry if you are surprised! Having money and being financially secure do not always equal each other. But action is key! Get gazelle intense!

The Baby Steps

As you have learned, the Baby Steps are a great way to help you get on track financially. Download a copy of the Baby Steps and determine what step you are on today. Focus all of your attention on completing the steps in order and moving closer to realizing your goals.

Money-Saving Tips

Use the Money-Saving Tips to find more money to allocate toward reducing debt, increasing your savings, or contributing to your retirement.

By reducing your debt and saving for your emergency fund, you are improving your financial situation one step at a time. You are off to a great start! Keep moving forward!