We are so glad you are here! You have taken the next step toward achieving your financial goals. Many of us are looking for some way, any way, to get out of debt—and stay out of debt. The Dumping Debt workshop was just the beginning. Now the real change begins!

Dumping Debt

Debt Snowball Form

As you have learned, the debt snowball plan is the best way to pay down, and even pay off, your debts. Download the Debt Snowball Form to use with your own debt payments to help you get on track financially. Focus all your attention on paying off each debt—smallest balance to largest—moving you closer to realizing your goals.

Money-Saving Tips

Our Money-Saving Tips are available to download as well. These tips will help you find more money to reallocate toward debt payments. Imagine how much more money you could save, invest, spend, and give if you had no debt payments! Now that is exciting!

By reducing your debt and saving for your emergency fund, you are improving your financial situation one step at a time! You are off to a great start! Keep moving forward!