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Just over a year ago, Patrick Piepkorn was introduced to SmartDollar through his company, Securian Financial. The weekend after he signed up, he headed out on a hunting trip that included a 14-hour drive. During that drive, he decided to listen to the SmartDollar video lessons. Once he got started, he was “hooked!” He blazed through all the lessons and knew he had to make some changes.

By the time he got home, Patrick was on fire and ready to get started. However, his wife Megan was a little hesitant to completely overhaul their lives at first. With Patrick’s persistence, she logged in and watched the SmartDollar videos that had inspired her husband. With the entertaining and easy-to-digest videos, it didn’t take long for her to jump aboard!

Patrick and Megan sat down together to enter all their debts into the Debt Snowball Tool, and the result was startling.

“Entering our debts into the Debt Snowball was eye opening, as we never really thought of car loans as being ‘debt.’ Between undergrad loans, adding graduate school loans, and car loans, the total figure was alarming.”

Patrick and Megan were in the process of purchasing a new home and having their first baby, but that didn’t stop them. Patrick and Megan dug in and got “Gazelle Intense.”

They got so motivated they began allocating some of their excess savings to pay off debt and even sold their second car! Instead, they opted to take public transportation, which saved them around $400 per month. (Just ask Patrick what an extra $400 a month feels like!)

“One of the biggest game changers for us was taking out cash for our monthly date nights, individual spending, and clothing expenses.”

Both Patrick and Megan love using the Debt Snowball Tool and the EveryDollar budgeting app. “These tools take overwhelming tasks (paying off loans or budgeting) and makes them simple, clear and easy to manage.” In fact, $700 in fraudulent charges were found and reimbursed because of their diligent budgeting with EveryDollar!

These tools helped the Piepkorns identify issues with their finances and find paths to fix them. However, its not all hard work. When they pay off a loan, they make sure to celebrate with a nice night out!

Since starting SmartDollar about a year ago, Patrick and Megan have paid off over $22,000 in debt and saved over $4,000 for an emergency fund!

Patrick has told us how his family and future are forever changed by what he has learned and implemented through SmartDollar. His son will be able to grow up in a debt-free household that tells their money where to go – not the other way around.

Patrick says, “We now have peace of mind knowing we have a plan in place, and a weight has been lifted knowing we’ve made an impact to our debt load.” He continues to say, “In the next five years, our lives will change greatly when we can allocate the thousands of dollars currently being spent on debt repayment toward savings, travel, and fun.” 

Well Patrick, we couldn’t be prouder of you! You and Megan are HEROES and have forever changed your family tree. The SmartDollar team is rooting for you every step of the way!

Are you hesitant about starting SmartDollar? Patrick encourages you to:

“Jump in and start now! Although it may seem like something you don’t want to spend time on, or hard to admit that your finances are out of order, the investment now of even an hour to listen to some of the videos will make a huge difference in your life moving forward.”


Thank you Patrick for sharing your story. If you have a SmartDollar story to tell, let us know! We would love to celebrate with you!