SmartDollar Launch Resources


We are so glad you've taken the first step and decided to bring financial wellness education to your team. The next step is promoting the program.

We know you are busy, so we've made promoting SmartDollar as easy as possible. This page contains everything you will need for a successful launch. Just follow the steps and let us know if you need help a long the way.

1. Watch This Video (3 minutes)

This video explains how SmartDollar works and the steps you'll need to take to implement SmartDollar as a financial wellness benefit. 

2. Create Your Personal SmartDollar Account (10 minutes)

Your team members look to you for benefits information. Create your personal account and review all the material that comes with SmartDollar for your team members. That way you'll have first hand experience with the program. While you are at it, bookmark your enrollment link so it will always be handy. 

3. Promote SmartDollar to Your Team (less than 1 hour)

Every company is different. When it comes to launching SmartDollar to your team think about what works best when you communicate other important news. We provide customizable flyers, posters, postcards, email templates, videos, digital images and newsletter copy to help you launch the program to your team.  

5. Ongoing Promotion and Success Stories

Once a quarter you'll get aggregated reporting from our team. The more you communicate the success others are having with SmartDollar the more you'll encourage others to create an account and work the program.

Once you have scorecard results, try this template to create customer emails and flyers to encourage your team. 

4. Watch Your Inbox

Once a month, SmartDollar sends all our clients the Monthly Minute email. The SmartDollar Monthly Minute is a newsletter designed to help you promote SmartDollar to the employees at your company. Use the links and tips included in this monthly newsletter to help your employees reach their financial goals with SmartDollar.


Download Promotional Material

Print Material

Our print material suite includes downloads for flyers, posters, and postcards! Use print pieces in combination with email to get the word out to your team about SmartDollar and keep the program front of mind with your participants. This is our general campaign. Through-out the year you'll be emailed additional campaigns you can use to keep your team engaged.


Digital Assets

Our digital assets download includes email templates (.docx files), logos, frequently requested images, media slides, a participant video and a launch video you can use to promote SmartDollar to your team. Send some emails, add SmartDollar to the agenda for your next team meeting, or add SmartDollar to your company benefits portal with just a few clicks. 

Ongoing Promotional Assets

The more you promote SmartDollar, the more success you'll see. Check your inbox for your Monthly Minute update for the most recent assets and find past assets here: 

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